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Contribute To The Open Sanctuary Project

If you work at an animal sanctuary or other compassionate animal care organization and would like to contribute article ideas, revisions, or full articles to The Open Sanctuary Project, please get in touch with us here! We strive to share the knowledge amassed by sanctuary caregivers across the world, and this task cannot be achieved by us alone.

Please send us a proposal prior to sending any full resources!

If it seems like a good fit, full resources will be reviewed for accuracy by our staff and then published with full credit to the original authors along with a link to their sanctuary or organization. Please ensure that any accompanying media such as photos, diagrams, or videos, are freely available to be included in the article before submitting and given attribution where necessary. Your contributions will help farmed animals receive better informed, more compassionate care worldwide!

Why Isn’t The Open Sanctuary Project A Wiki?

If we’re called The Open Sanctuary Project, why isn’t our platform a wiki-style resource? Originally, we had envisioned just that, but after careful consideration, we have since decided to use our current staff-curated management system. This is because we have found that wiki systems risk potentially non-compassionate, substandard, or even potentially dangerous information being contributed by people with unknown animal care experience levels and backgrounds. By reviewing each contribution and adapting it into our management system, we hope to always provide the most up to date and compassionate care information for farmed animals across the world.

Pre-Existing Articles

If you have an article that you’d like to contribute that already exists on the internet, perhaps on your sanctuary or organization’s website, we’d love to add it to The Open Sanctuary Project if it would help other sanctuaries! Contact us.

Updated on March 31, 2022

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