Late Elementary-Age Sanctuary Education Lesson Plan #1

A graphic of the first page of the first sanctuary lesson plan for late elementary-age children. The title, "Curricula and Lesson Plans" is in black text at the top with a light blue background. There is a large text box below the title that is cream in color with a description of the lesson's learning objectives, learning outcomes, materials, and additional resources to check out. At the bottom right of the cream box is an illustrated chicken that is saying "Welcome". There are green and red flowers on the top left and top right of the cream box. There is a small white text box that is outlined in brown inside this box in the middle at the top that reads: "Topic: Sanctuary Visit, Approximate Duration: 3 hours, Age: Late Elementary". Underneath the large cream text box is a horizontal spread of nine small drawings: a daily routine calendar, laptop screen, chalkboard, magnifying glass, the Open Sanctuary Project's logo of a globe sitting on top of an open book with farmed animals on top, a clapperboard, a film reel, footprints, and a tent.
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The stories of sanctuary residents and the bonds we share with them exist to be told. They disrupt the dominant cultural objectification of farmed animals and offer a gateway for folks outside of the sanctuary world to get to know them more intimately. In this lesson plan, late elementary-age sanctuary participants are given the opportunity to form a deeper understanding and appreciation of farmed animals as they are guided through a tour of your sanctuary and the stories of its residents. The ultimate goal of this lesson is to encourage late elementary-age children to consciously engage in the ethical issues farmed animals face and direct them towards a more compassionate way of conceptualizing and being in relationship with nonhuman beings.

Below, you will find a form to fill out to receive this free downloadable sanctuary education lesson plan. This lesson plan is the first part in a multi-part late elementary-age sanctuary education program. It can be used by sanctuary educators and representatives as a stand-alone lesson or ideally, as part of a long-term program. The three remaining lesson plans for late elementary-age will be released in sequential order as they are created. As with every educational program we create, please leave room to edit, modify, and adapt the activities, questions, and materials based on your sanctuary and audience’s specific needs. Built-in flexibility is an important aspect of effective educational design. Please also check out the introduction to our first early elementary-age lesson plan for important things to consider as you develop and implement the first late elementary-age lesson plan at your sanctuary (e.g. positionalities, language use, modifications for people with disabilities, common core learning standards, and more).

Effective For Other Species Populations
While this lesson plan was created with farmed animals in mind, it can easily and effectively be adapted for other species populations!

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Teaching Liberation: Essays on Social Justice, Animals, Veganism, and Education | Agnes Trzak

Updated on April 13, 2022

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