The Open Sanctuary Project’s Resident Supply Checklist

a sample of the spreadsheet resource
A Sample Of Our Resident Supply Checklist

Resource Acknowledgement
The following resource was created for The Open Sanctuary Project by guest contributor Jill Tedeschi of Healthy Herd Consulting as part of her Building Your Resident Emergency Healthcare & First Aid Kit resource.

Getting The Checklist Template

Enter your organization’s (or your) name and email below to set up a free, secure, Google Sheet-based checklist to help keep track of important supplies to keep on hand for different species populations!

We promise not to use your email for any marketing purposes! Would you prefer to access this form in a different way? Contact us and let us know!

How's This Checklist Working For You?

Have you used this checklist at your sanctuary and want to give us your feedback on improvements? Let us know here!

To learn more about these supplies and important considerations about their management and use, check out our full resource on the topic here!

Setting Up The Checklist For Your Organization’s Use

Once you have downloaded the link above, it is easy to get started with setting up this form for your use!

Make A Copy Of The Checklist In Your Google Drive

Screenshot of the Google Drive dialogue that asks if you would like to make a copy of the form.
Just press that blue button!

Click on the hyperlink labeled “HERE” in the downloaded PDF file. It should automatically open up a web page in your web browser (or into your Google Drive or Google Sheets App, if accessing from a mobile device that has Google Drive or Google Sheets installed). From there, it will prompt you to make a copy of the Google Sheet. Click “Make A Copy” to do so. At this point, the checklist is entirely your organization’s, and completely private from The Open Sanctuary Project.

Updated on February 17, 2022

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